This always makes my day!  Buskers in NYC.  I love the music, the WORDS, the people.  Everything in the video goes together so well!  Happy, happy, happy.  I could watch it all day.  I could listen to the song aallll day long.

This is random, but does anyone remember the band that used to always play in Greenhills years ago?  Each of the band members were blind and they all wore white shirts and dark, dark sunglasses.  They had this white wooden box where people could put in some change or whatever they had to donate to them.  They’ve been there ever since I was a kid and my mom always gave me coins to put in the box because she said it was the only way they made their living.

I started seeing less and less of them ever since Greenhills went under new management and they moved the band to a spot outside the malls where not a lot of people passed by, until eventually they were gone.  I wonder what happened to them?

Video found via colormekatie.  I recommend looking through the other entries on the site.  🙂