Last night my dog, Yogi, died of a heart attack and congested lungs.  He was 10 years old.  We weren’t at home when it happened and it’s just so sad that he died alone- he absolutely hates being alone.  I know he was scared because our helper said he was restless around the house, going back and forth with all the fur on his back raised, begging to be wet with water.  He was having so much trouble breathing. 

She let him rest in one of the air-conditioned rooms, and when she checked on him a few minutes after, he was gone.  In humans experiencing myocardial infarction, it’s common to have this feeling of impending doom, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt that too. He was still warm when we arrived. 

Those 10 years of his were happy ones though.  He’s been with me for almost half of my life, ever since he was born (the only survivor and the runt of the litter).  It’s only been a day but I miss him so bad.  The worst is when you come home and there is no one to greet you when you enter the house.  Eating at the table sucks because he’s not there to beg food off of you.  No more begging paws, no more snoring dog lying around and blocking your way, no more barking and cat/mouse/ball chasing. 

He wasn’t just any dog.  I can’t count how many we’ve owned (around 30.. we’ve never had less than 5 dogs at one time) but he was the best.  The absolute best, in all possible ways.  I’d give a lot to have him back.  Goodbye Yogi.

Btw thanks for the info magickbox I need to look around tumblr more