Kids are wonderful.  I’m not very good with them, but they are fun to be around as long as they’re in a happy mood.  I had the pleasure of meeting one of my patient’s 1-year old daughter, who was really sweet and possibly too friendly for her own good.  Several times, she took my hand and followed me out the room so she could come do my rounds with me.  You, child, are the easiest thing to kidnap.

The crazy kid also talks gibberish a lot, but I know she’s really telling me something because she says the same things whenever I tell her “I’ll be back.”  We’re having a conversation, I just can’t understand her.  Kind of like the baby twins who have their own language.

Anyway, she watched as I was removing my patient’s IV line.  It was a little painful, and she knew it, and got mad at me for “hurting” her mom.  I let her slap my wrist for that.  Omg.  She’s the cutest.  

All was well and forgiven in the end.  We were low on staff, so I was the one who escorted them to the lobby upon their discharge.  I got a kiss on the cheek and several flying kisses.

If I actually get married and have kids, I hope my kids will be like her.