…if I had such a career plan to begin with.  Is there no way for a nurse to get an honest job in this country that pays well enough to cover personal and family needs?  Something that can also help provide, or at least, won’t get in the way of having an overall good quality of life?  That doesn’t seem to be too much to ask for.  

So I found my niche in the nursing world, and I want to be a clinical analyst.  The design part, like UI and wireframing got me.  Combine medicine and IT and you get double the amount of ideas and possibilities.  I’m not sure about how much room for growth there will be for an industry just starting out (at least here in the Philippines), but I really want it.  The only problem is that the pay is not going to be enough to support me if I ever decided on living alone or starting a family (which is very unlikely, but still).  Rent alone would eat it all up.  I know salaries shouldn’t matter if you do what you love, but come on.  

My parents are asking if it’s going to take me anywhere.  Well hey, can’t I just stay here?

It sucks that most nurses have to leave and work in other countries in order to support their families.  Why is everyone so focused on leaving anyway?  I know this is old news, but I’m getting sick of it.