I want to say that I’m now out of shape but I have never been in shape in the first place, harharhar.  :-p

Despite being the least likely person to be called “sporty,” this year I want to be physically fit and healthy.  I decided to become more active since I stopped working in the hospital.  It was my only form of exercise until I quit (I can guarantee that you will lose pounds by being on your feet for more than 8 hours a day with no breaks/meals.  I kind of miss it sometimes).  

Anyway, I have been taking Aikido classes thrice a week since March, and I walk everywhere that’s possible to get to on foot.  That’s really the farthest that my exercise goes and I realize it’s not enough.  I don’t have any set goals except to improve muscle tone and shed some inches off my waist.  I want to go to a gym, but it’s boring and it costs money.

In addition to the classes and walking, here’s what I’m going to do until I come up with a better plan:

  1. Do some stretching after I wake up each morning
  2. Use the stationary bike for an hour every other day (I moved it in front of the TV so I can watch a couple of episodes of whatever show I have on hand)
  3. Go jogging in the park while my dad trains our dogs on Sundays, and if I’m lucky, on other days if my friends are available
  4. Use the treadmill on days that I don’t use the stationary bike.  I am ashamed to admit this, but the only people who have used the treadmill here at home are not people at all, but our dogs
  5. Lift some very very light weights, which I don’t have at the moment

In order for all of this to happen, I have to sleep as early as 9PM and wake up at 5 or 6AM.  It feels almost impossible.  Good luck to me.