I went back to Aikido class after skipping for more than a week.  I got the biggest surprise when I saw an unfamiliar face walking with my sempais when I arrived.  It turns out that the founder of our dojo is back from Japan (although he’s Italian).  I heard that he was known for being a very strict instructor, and it was my first time meeting him.  No one told me he was coming.  Argh.  

Imagine my horror, coming from barely 4 hours of sleep and rusty from not practicing.  I was really unprepared.  It was a good thing that I took my sensei’s advice and arrived early.  

It went better than I expected, though.  He stuck to the basic techniques and I got corrected twice.  I didn’t finish the class because I had to leave early for work.  It would’ve been nice to have been there up until the end— I’m curious as to what else he was going to teach.  Oh well.

So… that’s all for now.  Good night everyone.  🙂