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10 Annoying Thiings on Social Networks (aka Facebook)

Made this just for fun. I am actually guilty of a few of these 🙂

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Seth Nicholas Johnson


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David LuptonNow It’s Dark (2012-13)

Someone stole my sketchbook and I am not happy. My brother brought it to Vigan and left it in their hotel room. Someone forgot to lock it and poof! All gone, along with a few cellphones and random gadgets. This coming from a reputable hotel (>_<) why oh why? I bet it was an inside job.

Thankfully it was just my sketchbook and a few notebooks that my brother lost (too bad for the others) but still, I want my sketchbook back! You can't replace the drawings I had in there. Grrrr.

Possibly the longest one ever. No training on Monday makes that a 5-day vacation. Yay! The bad news is that my evil stomach is acting up again and I’m stuck at home waiting it out. I feel like a bum all over again. The stomach has to get in tiptop shape soon because my cousin’s debut is coming up (read: tomorrow) and I’m part of the 18 shots. Perfect timing, Mr. Stomach. Behave because I have to at least tolerate one shot without vomiting.

Anyway, there was nothing better to do but watch youtube videos, and I found the acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Since I don’t watch MTV or listen to the radio, I didn’t know any of her songs until Julie and Liz used Poker Face in our group presentation. Her music isn’t normally the kind that I would listen to (and it probably never will be), but I’d reconsider if she did more songs like this. This version really took me by surprise. She can sing. Really. I like it better than the original one. I’m playing it right now :-p

Here’s a video of a revised version of Vampire Weekend’s Walcott. Live strings! Compare and contrast with the original one.

And here’s another one from the same performance because I love Ezra Koenig’s eyebrows. That, and M79 is so good I could rave about it for days.

Hooray for long weekends.

1.  I got my left foot run over by a wheelchair.  It hurt.  Bad.  It got me singing Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer for the entire trip home.

what I was wearing when I got run over

what I was wearing when I got run over

I was in the elevator admiring a lovely violet orchid that a woman was carrying when a man pushing an older man in a wheelchair entered, swiftly running over my foot in the process.  The sad thing is that the guy didn’t notice, and neither did the man in the wheelchair.

It hurt so much I wanted to scream, but I kept quiet because I was thankful that I could walk and that I didn’t have to sit in a wheelchair with a helper to push you around, and occasionally, apologize to people because that helper is a careless idiot.  And I really didn’t want the man in the wheelchair to have to apologize to me because of something that was his helper’s fault.

So the three of us (plus my mom) ended up admiring the lovely violet orchid (in pain) that the woman was carrying until we reached the ground floor.

2.  I finished making an emergency coloring book for Timmy, whose birthday was on December 20.  A little late, but I’m giving it to her with this cute crayon pen (it’s 8 colors in one fat pen, like those multicolor pens except that it’s crayons instead of ink).

3.  I am now my family’s official gift wrapping slave.

my own version of the furoshiki wine bottle wrap

my own version of the furoshiki wine bottle wrap

these two are best friends

these two are best friends

octagon shaped biscuit can

octagon shaped biscuit can
used the tutorial on this one

used this tutorial

This tutorial, I mean.

I realized I love wrapping.  I tried being creative with each gift while conserving gift wrapping paper.  The cat and rabbit ears and the flower on the octagon can were made out of excess paper that would otherwise be thrown away.  If I had the money I’d use furoshiki on everything!

4.  There was a sale on Converse shoes at the Megatrade Hall in Megamall on Sunday and I missed it!  😦

5.  I cannot get over the whole Bush gets shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter.

Bush and his mad matrix shoe-dodging skillz

Bush and his mad matrix shoe-dodging skillz

You can check out some more funny bush-shoe gifs at BoingBoing

Also, I am planning to participate in this photo project, Thank You for Throwing Your Shoe.

Nothing shoe-related today.  Here’s an instructional video for wrapping a wine bottle using furoshiki.  We are giving a nice bottle of wine to my mom’s orthopedic doctor for six years (who was kind enough to perform an operation on her without charging his surgeon fee, I mean, it was absolutely for free.  He’s just great, one of those rare doctors who isn’t using medicine as a business, and my idol).

I like this way of wrapping presents- it’s like giving two gifts, and it’s environmentally friendly since the cloth won’t be thrown away.   So I’m doing the wrapping and it’s going to be special.  Will post a picture after it’s done.

fat feet

a quick sketch on the DS wherein I make my feet look edematous

It’s 7:30AM and raining hard.  Last night I was wishing the weather would be a bit cold today, and I love rain, but I am regretting that now because the rain doesn’t seem like it will stop soon.  As much as I want to stay home sitting barefoot in front of my laptop,  I’m getting impatient waiting.  I have to go to PUP to help my friend Ela work on a stage design for a forum named I am Ninoy (which I’m guessing is dedicated to our country’s hero, Ninoy Aquino).  I haven’t seen the concept yet but I’m excited to see the results later.  Also, we get to attend the forum for free.  Going with full rain gear.


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