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Our dogs, Jude and Olga.

…well, it’s not really a check, but hey, i just received wages for my first job ever! Okay, so it’s not really wages- it’s more like an allowance. And it’s not officially a job- it’s a training program. Still, it’s a program that hopefully will end with me getting employed. I’m happy!

It’s the first thing I’ve earned that didn’t come from ebay and “freelancing.” And by freelancing, I mean looking so pitifully jobless that relatives will offer to pay you to do things that they could have done themselves. Like make an email invitation (yay! Thank you, tita). Their only consolation is that I can do it slightly better than they can. And slight is, well, not much of a difference.

Anyway, things are really looking up this week. I can say that I like most of my fellow trainees, and though my performance hasn’t been my best, I’m getting by, mostly. Hehehe.

Oh, and I got a very nice offer recently. Maybe I’ll talk about it later. I feel like my life just went and jumped onto a trampoline, and right now I’m in the part where I’m hanging in mid-air after that extra boost. Wheee!

So it’s been good for me, an especially good one compared to last week, when I went into a mini-depression and failed a good number of exams. I was feeling a little unloved, what with adjusting to a new environment, and no one on the same wavelength as I am. God just made up for that now.

I’m trying to fix my room. And I mean really fix it, like doing a bit of spring cleaning. Except that it’s summer. I have a feeling I’m going to be busy for the following weeks, so this is the only time I have to do this. Problem is, I am a huge pack rat. Wheee. I admit that I have too many things– too many books, clothes, toys, shoes, bags, and the like. I could hold my own garage sale (and I probably will, only on ebay hehehe).

I have a feeling that my brain is wired to the thought “it’s a shame to throw this away!” In college, my friends and I called it the “hoarding reflex.” It runs in the family, and on both sides too. My grandfather was one (may he rest in peace), and so is my father, and my aunt, and my cousin. We are a family of pack rats, and it makes life at home absolutely chaotic. Living with ONE pack rat, as I’m sure my mother knows very well, is more than enough to handle already!

I think I might be the messiest anal-retentive person to walk the planet. I have tons of excuses for my behavior, all of which I can back up with science. Or at least, the things I’ve learned in the academics. And the internet. Best excuse is “I’m right-brained.” My brother and I love using this one, which is true, we are right-brained. Self-proclaimed anyway.

If you’re a right-brainer, use the excuse. People must understand. We’ve got our own way of “organizing” things. When someone “fixes” our things the “normal way,” we get confused. It throws us off. We can never find anything because that someone has “messed everything up.” Of course, saying that will probably just end up annoying the hell out of people, but hey, they have to know.

We’re not lazy, we’re just right-brained.

Have to get back to fixing the room now. The normal way. I hate it.


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