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This here is one of my favorite photos of the original Weeping Angel.  I’ve always been in awe of this statue by the sculptor, William Wetmore Story.  He built it to serve as a gravestone for his wife, Emelyn Story, and it has stood in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome since the late 1800’s.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the detail he put into it, or the position the angel was set in, but there is so much emotion in this piece and I think that it accurately reflects the grief that one feels after the loss of someone loved dearly.

This photo belongs to janiejones_75’s awesome photostream.

A picture of Cagbalete’s shoreline taken from a nearby rock island called Bonsai (named for its small cluster of mangroves that look like bonsais).  In the mornings the tide gets so low that you could be walking for a kilometer or so and you’d only be shin or even ankle deep in water. This particular view looks like Moses has just parted the sea.

Mornings are the best time to walk around and see various sea creatures up close.  The island is teeming with life, and there are crabs, different species of starfish, sea cucumbers, barnacles, and a whole bunch of strange seaweed around.

This is what I want to wake up to everyday.

Cagbalete Island, Philippines.  I want to go back to this beautiful place.


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