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The power of books…

Look at this circular bookshelf above the room.  This writing studio was designed by Travis Price Architects for Wade Davis.  The sunlight coming in from what looks like a sky light is perfect.  I’d love to work in this room and take a break just by looking up and being mesmerized by the sight of all those books.

Wade Davis Writing Studio by Travis Price Architects

I seriously need something like this.  I’ve been trying to organize my room so that all of my books can fit.  I want to cover all of the walls with shelves but that’s going to cost me a lot.

Mark your calendars!

Manila Book Fair

Some of these shops don’t actually sell secondhand books (but that’s not a problem at all, no sir).

Top 10 Secondhand Bookstores in Manila

This is a photoset from when I visited the floating bookstore, MV Logos Hope, an improved version of its predecessor, MV Doulos.  It was docked in Manila early this month. 

I remember going aboard when I was a kid- I was in instant book heaven.  I think children would get the most fun out of visiting since they have a pretty large selection of children’s books. 

Most of the books they carry are old publications though, and choices for fiction work are very limited.  Still, you can’t beat the price that MV Logos Hope offers, especially for the cookbooks and coffee table ones.  It was too bad that I forgot to take a photo.

I have this…thing. A desire. To be an Omnipresent being. An Aftermathematician. A Minister of Confluenza. So whenever I can, I detach myself from the norms of society since everyone else is already pretty good at doing the opposite. So forgive me if I am distant. Forgive me for I cannot fail my muse. Forgive me for I refuse to compromise. Forgive me for the things I believe in are far bigger than you and the things you say and the things you stand for. Forgive me. And fuck you.”

“Life is a box of chocolates. You don’t get any.”

“If we absolutely have to shoot ourselves in the head let’s try not to hit everyone else, please.

Alan Navarra (a few quotes from his book Dumot, which I enjoyed enough to re-read)



the perfect reading nook.

= Q=

Book: Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

I just finished reading Imaginary Girls this afternoon.  It’s a strange, creepy, and surreal read, and I mean that in a good way.  It’s the kind of book that seeps into your subconsciousness.  I know it’s not a horror story, but reading the first few chapters before bed gave me nightmares.  I guess it touched a few subjects I could very well relate to.  

Chloe, the main character, is a magical thinker.  From her point of view, I found it difficult to tell what was real and what she believed to be real.  Throughout the novel, you get a small idea of how things are going to turn out, but you never really know exactly what is happening until you come close to the end of the book. 

The writing is beautiful, I’ll say that, and so is the cover.  I think this little video trailer from Amazon does it justice.


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