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How a blind girl sees the world. Very cute video.

How precious c:

ohmygosh *hugs computer screen hoping to reach this fictional sweet beautiful child*

this video was def. worth watching, and it actually gave me the sense that i was blind with her oh my god it was precious

That was so amazing and sweet. I’d like to know what fucking asshole would steal from a little girl much less a little blind girl. WTF douchebag. 



I just found out that Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the little boy in Angels in the Outfield.  It was my favorite movie when I was a kid.  Who knows how many times I watched it, I was absolutely obsessed.  My mom had to keep renting the tape from the video shop haha.  

This reminds me of how I wanted to be a scientist when I was a kid.  I used to play with these plastic tube containers (the ones that came with candy) and pretend that they were test tubes.  I also remember begging my mom to buy me a microscope.  That’s how nerdy I was haha.


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