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I like the vibe that this pimped up tricycle sends out.  I saw it while walking home and thought it looked interesting.  It has so many fun things going on, like the creepy doll’s head, the black sun and stars sticker, and the bell (it looks like a bell anyway) that’s been painted like a pokeball.  See if you can spot Supermario’s Luigi posing like Superman.

Here’s a photo that I took while riding a tricycle home from work.  Like most of our public transportation, this trike was decorated with stickers.  My favorite is the ubiquitous “barya lang po sa umaga” sticker.  

Looking at this little windshield, I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was that the driver placed the sticker of Jesus in the center, above all the ads and political campaign ones.

All packed up, gloomy bear?

There’s been a change in plans.  My move date has been rescheduled- I’m moving out on the 29th instead of the 15th.  Even so, my co-worker and would-be roommate Lyza becomes my housemate the day after tomorrow.  My family is adopting her until we move out.  I’m getting a new sister haha.  It should make for an interesting 2 weeks.  Full house!

Of course, all that also means another two weeks of MRT hell.  It’s not healthy riding it.  Not only does it give you the urge to commit acts of violence against your fellow passengers, it’s so crowded that you can get bruises and become infected by a million different flu viruses and random bacteria in the air.  We were practically breathing each other’s lungs in there.  The good news is that we found a way to by-pass the rush hour crowd.  Going home from GC, it’s to take the train Ayala-Taft-Cubao.  Seats galore!

By the way, my judgment is probably impaired now.  See, I know someone whom I always believed was gay. That was my very first impression; it’s one of those things that you just know. Instantly. And was I ever wrong. Oh geez, I was off by a few hundred miles on the radar.

He recently became the topic of conversation between my friends and I- they say he’s been asking about me.  That got me wondering, “are we talking about the same person here?”  And we were and I learned that I was the only one who thought he was gay. Wow.  I really, always thought he was.  I had absolutely no doubt about it.  I believed! I could barely keep myself from saying that.  He is, to my complete and utter shock, straight. Not that being straight is a horrible thing, but how could I have been so wrong? I am so bothered by the fact that everyone except me thought he was straight. Argh.

It seems like chivalry still exists, even if it’s mostly confined within the cars of the speedy caterpillars known as LRT and MRT trains. I’ve never been comfortable with taking another person’s seat, especially if the person is only offering it because he’s male and that’s what society expects him to do. Still, commuting is nice if everyone acted like a gentleman would.

Out of curiosity, I decided to conduct my own little experiment. It’s a very unscientific one. I tried to refuse whenever someone offered me his seat on the train. I had about 6 commuters as my subjects, all on different rides on Lines 1 and 2 of the LRT. Most of them insisted on me sitting, and I kept refusing. I expected them to just sit back down, but not a lot of them did. Most just remained standing, or walked to the opposite side of the train until I was forced to take the empty seat. One of them even argued with me! It’s funny.

Out of my 6 subjects, only one sat back down on his seat. He didn’t seem too happy about it; the look on his face was annoyed and bordering on being offended. I stopped my experiment because of that.

Anyway, I gathered enough information to theorize that refusing help from a guy does something to his ego, and I bet that guy won’t be offering his seat again to anyone at any time soon. I really feel bad for discouraging one of the few gentlemen we have left in the world. It’s important that women show their appreciation and thus encourage chivalry more. I’m not a feminist (though I do have a few feministic beliefs). I think that we women shouldn’t always expect men to offer us their seats, but let’s not refuse unless we have a good reason to. (^_^)’

Oh, and we can’t just leave all the seat-offering to guys. As one of the commuters told me, good deeds equal good karma. If someone needs the seat more than you do, by all means, give it up.


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