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A very old drawing that I did on my DS.  I think she turned out looking unintentionally like Rose Tyler haha :p

That is, according to a woman who lived on a space colony in Mars and died on November 21, 2059, in the Doctor Who universe.  Her name was Margaret Cain and she said, “It’s the Philippines, I bet. If there’s someone else on Mars, it’s got to be the Philippines.  All those stories about them building a rocket…

Yep, I predict that by 2059, we will finally elect a group of people untouched by corruption.  No pork barrels, no transactions hidden from the people, no bank accounts with false names.  Unfortunately, poverty and unemployment will still be widespread around the country.  Why?  Well, our future government officials will still be unfit for office.  Not because they’re corrupt, no, but because they’re space crazy. 

Despite having a nonexistent space program now, in 2059 we will have a powerful government sector dedicated to reaching outer space.  It will be called PASA, which is basically the same as NASA except the P stands for Philippine.  Numerous budget cuts will be made from health, education, social, and even military departments.  What we used to call pork barrels will now be allocated to PASA, and with our Filipino ingenuity and abundant supply of coconut products, we will be building rockets.  48 years from now.

Yes, I am in the right state of mind right now, and yes, I watch too much Doctor Who.  All in good fun.


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