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Our dogs, Jude and Olga.

A little boy brought his puppy along for a ride in the jeep.  The puppy stole most of the passengers’ attention, they seem to be very fond of dogs.

Do not enter your home smelling like peppermint.

You will risk getting slobbered all over by your peppermint-loving dogs.

We haven’t done any weapons training for aikido class lately because of the exam preparations so I decided to use it as a bokken to practice the basic movements.  I did it outside since I didn’t want to suffer the consequences of accidentally hitting something inside the house.  

It probably wasn’t a very good idea though.  The moment I started, our dogs joined in.  I forgot that sticks meant playtime for them.  Not in the yey-let-me-fetch-the-stick type of playtime, but more of hooray-its-the-bad-guy-with-the-stick-from-protection-training-let’s-rough-house.

So much for practice, oh well.






How a blind girl sees the world. Very cute video.

How precious c:

ohmygosh *hugs computer screen hoping to reach this fictional sweet beautiful child*

this video was def. worth watching, and it actually gave me the sense that i was blind with her oh my god it was precious

That was so amazing and sweet. I’d like to know what fucking asshole would steal from a little girl much less a little blind girl. WTF douchebag. 


I love dogs, if that isn’t obvious by now.  The dog lying comfortably on the cement is Hilda, a German Shepherd.  She’s been with us for over a year.  One of my father’s acquaintances gave her to us.   The first time I saw her, I thought to myself that I had never seen an uglier dog. 

She was in a terrible condition.  She was very thin and had mange all over her skin (no pictures here though).  Her fur was short and coarse, probably due to nutritional deficiency, and there were some patches missing.  She also had an ear infection that was difficult to cure.  I also noticed a strange bony protrusion on her left shoulder.  No one knows what happened there, but I assume it had been injured and healed wrongly.  Still, she was very energetic and eager for attention. 

The previous owner said that he had left Hilda with his cousin, who neglected the dog.  His reason for giving her to us was that he could no longer take care of her.  What made me sad was that he got a new puppy and it now also has mange.  It’s important for people to be responsible pet owners so that dogs don’t have to suffer like Hilda did.

Hilda is a lot healthier now; her ear infection is gone and she’s gained her weight back. Her fur never became long and thick like other German Shepherd dogs, but she’s doing great. 🙂

I made a poster for my friend’s birthday and this is the only decent picture I have of it.  That is supposed to be her dog Truffle on a balloon ride.


The Utonagan is a breed of dog that resembles a wolf, but in fact is a mix of three breeds of domestic dog: Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky.

So beautiful.

A collection of photos taken this month:

  1. The latest additions to our family- six german shepherd pups
  2. The little Baguio artist colony behind St. Luke’s Medical Center
  3. My new and yet-to-be-named cacti/succulents
  4. Bax, our cute and lovable Belgian Malinois
  5. The Yoshinkan Aikido class that I couldn’t join because I was sick
  6. Sunset at one of the piers at Manila Bay

Bye bye March, hello April!

Gotye – Bronte

This song.  I have no words for it.  I didn’t understand what he was talking about at first.

I cannot stop crying.


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