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A quick sketch that I made on my phone using Freenote.  I am loving the app.  It’s a nice change to use only one finger for drawing, but I wish I had a stylus that worked on a capacitive screen.

I can’t remember why I would draw a mouse this way, but in my mind it’s kind of like a praying mantis (but less deadly and more fervent in prayer).


Sarah Simblet.

This is my friend’s dog, Reagan.  Made this for her birthday 🙂

This reminds me of hand grips in Aikido.

My family and I went to Manila Ocean Park yesterday. They have a small area in the oceanarium where kids (and adults) can sit and color using Faber Castell/Dong-A markers, oil pastels, crayons, and colored pencils. I am telling you, it was rainbow heaven! As children by heart, we each grabbed a sheet of paper and started coloring. My brother’s has the shrimp, my dad’s has the gray whale, and mine has the flower. My mom was still coloring hers when the picture was taken. All of them are now on our refrigerator door.

Picture was taken by my brother.

The face you make.

Colors on DS

A Baby Ben and my brother’s doodle of an insanely happy turtle.  I am fond of both these things

A boring shelf near the window at my dad’s office.  Drawn using Colors on my DS (I love my DS, it’s so much nicer than using a tablet).

This is an old sketch I did a few years back of our dog, Yogi, who died last week.  That’s how he looks like when he’s begging for food, and it’s how I always want to remember him- eager eyes and a doggy smile.

Also, if I’ve been posting a lot of my drawings it’s because I recently found the mother lode of all my old art files.  Haha now bear with me and my mediocre skills :p


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