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A little boy brought his puppy along for a ride in the jeep.  The puppy stole most of the passengers’ attention, they seem to be very fond of dogs.

I have this…thing. A desire. To be an Omnipresent being. An Aftermathematician. A Minister of Confluenza. So whenever I can, I detach myself from the norms of society since everyone else is already pretty good at doing the opposite. So forgive me if I am distant. Forgive me for I cannot fail my muse. Forgive me for I refuse to compromise. Forgive me for the things I believe in are far bigger than you and the things you say and the things you stand for. Forgive me. And fuck you.”

“Life is a box of chocolates. You don’t get any.”

“If we absolutely have to shoot ourselves in the head let’s try not to hit everyone else, please.

Alan Navarra (a few quotes from his book Dumot, which I enjoyed enough to re-read)

I just saw Jay Taruc’s report on the sad state of the AFP, and all I have to say is that airsoft hobbyists and enthusiasts are better equipped than our military.  No bulletproof vests, no helmets.  Hell, a paintball player would have better chances of surviving.  Unless our soldiers are really clones of Superman in disguise.  That seems to be what the leaders think anyway.

and I just can’t agree with the lilac walls coupled with bright yellow furniture and curtains with huge red roses, and the neon green bed that matches the neon green chairs.  All those colors are too strong and they’re too much for my eyes.  And my TV set.

Tomorrow is the feast of St. John the Baptist, otherwise known as Basaan Day in the little town of San Juan (which I call Erap Country).  Anyone who lives in San Juan knows what this means. 

Tomorrow we will go out into the streets and wet everyone with water, an action that traditionally symbolizes the act of baptism.  As solemn as that may sound, it’s going to be a water war out there, and no one will be shown any mercy.  That’s right, no one is safe.  We have our squirt guns, water bazookas, buckets, and pressurized hoses.  To anyone who will be in San Juan tomorrow, surrender and join in on the fun.  If we don’t get you, the rain surely will.  Don’t resist, and don’t bring raincoats.

At this very moment, our local government is sounding out war calls with drums.  Okay, actually it’s the town’s marching parade.  They’re going around the neighborhood in the rain, and I love them for it.  Nothing’s stopping them from practicing and celebrating this early on, not even the rain.  And it’s not just a drizzle, this rain is a bit on the heavy side and hasn’t stopped since this morning.  I hope they don’t get sick out there.

By the way, mom is preparing food for the handaan tomorrow, which I will be around for this year since it’s my rest day.  Such joy!  Advanced happy basaan day, everyone!

That is, according to a woman who lived on a space colony in Mars and died on November 21, 2059, in the Doctor Who universe.  Her name was Margaret Cain and she said, “It’s the Philippines, I bet. If there’s someone else on Mars, it’s got to be the Philippines.  All those stories about them building a rocket…

Yep, I predict that by 2059, we will finally elect a group of people untouched by corruption.  No pork barrels, no transactions hidden from the people, no bank accounts with false names.  Unfortunately, poverty and unemployment will still be widespread around the country.  Why?  Well, our future government officials will still be unfit for office.  Not because they’re corrupt, no, but because they’re space crazy. 

Despite having a nonexistent space program now, in 2059 we will have a powerful government sector dedicated to reaching outer space.  It will be called PASA, which is basically the same as NASA except the P stands for Philippine.  Numerous budget cuts will be made from health, education, social, and even military departments.  What we used to call pork barrels will now be allocated to PASA, and with our Filipino ingenuity and abundant supply of coconut products, we will be building rockets.  48 years from now.

Yes, I am in the right state of mind right now, and yes, I watch too much Doctor Who.  All in good fun.

This is called chami, a noodle dish which is the specialty of my dad’s hometown, Lucena.  It’s made of those yummy fat egg noodles (which I absolutely love), sauteed with pork and/or chicken, shrimp, veggies.  It traditionally tastes sweet and spicy with just the right amount of salt.  Chami is, by far, my favorite kind of pansit.  I could eat it all day, everyday.  

The picture above doesn’t do justice though.  It’s hard to find places that sell chami in Manila, and this one comes from a small food stall beside my workplace.  Not authentic, but good nevertheless!  

There’s also Buddy’s Pizza (oh, you guys should try it there).  Their Timog branch feels like home.  They have the same sunflower chairs and pahiyas motif that they do in the original branch in Lucena.  Although nothing beats traditional home cooked Lucena chami.  Any day.


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