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Tuwing June 24, sine-celebrate ng San Juan City ang WATTAH WATTAH FIESTA (BASAAN) bilang selebrasyon sa Patron Saint ng Lungsod na si St. John the Baptist.

PAALALA: Bawal ang PIKON bukas sa San Juan. Basaan po. Bawal ang KJ.

Sana wag umulan. 🙂


Previous basaan days.  Water everywhere.  I am so loving this video right now

Tomorrow is the feast of St. John the Baptist, otherwise known as Basaan Day in the little town of San Juan (which I call Erap Country).  Anyone who lives in San Juan knows what this means. 

Tomorrow we will go out into the streets and wet everyone with water, an action that traditionally symbolizes the act of baptism.  As solemn as that may sound, it’s going to be a water war out there, and no one will be shown any mercy.  That’s right, no one is safe.  We have our squirt guns, water bazookas, buckets, and pressurized hoses.  To anyone who will be in San Juan tomorrow, surrender and join in on the fun.  If we don’t get you, the rain surely will.  Don’t resist, and don’t bring raincoats.

At this very moment, our local government is sounding out war calls with drums.  Okay, actually it’s the town’s marching parade.  They’re going around the neighborhood in the rain, and I love them for it.  Nothing’s stopping them from practicing and celebrating this early on, not even the rain.  And it’s not just a drizzle, this rain is a bit on the heavy side and hasn’t stopped since this morning.  I hope they don’t get sick out there.

By the way, mom is preparing food for the handaan tomorrow, which I will be around for this year since it’s my rest day.  Such joy!  Advanced happy basaan day, everyone!


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