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Well, here is my inevitable “first post” post.  Just a little intro to this blog- it’s a little project of mine.  This is where i document the moments when (and if) I catch myself gazing at my shoes, and I mean that literally- the time, place, which shoes I was wearing, other shoes that may have been present, and my thoughts during those moments.  It’s not much, but it’s also a tribute in my own small way to the bands Mew and My Bloody Valentine.  (You can find all this written in the “About” page but I felt like putting it here too, because I can.)

I came up with this idea while I was at mass staring at my shoes instead of listening to the sermon.  I never listen to the priest, but really, I’m a good person.  Just not very attentive (sorry Father).  Here is a photo of the shoes I was wearing that time, taken yesterday.  They are gold and they are jelly shoes, and they squeak when they get wet in the rain.

gold shoes at church

gold shoes at church

Sorry about the really bad quality.  Next time will be better.  Going to sleep now


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