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During Aikido training, I had to be uke for our sensei.  That was the first time he performed a number of techniques on me without holding much back. Normally he’s softer because I’m a beginner.  He did everything so fast that I couldn’t keep up.  I barely kept myself from falling the wrong way.  The whole time, I was thinking how that was probably how it felt like to get beaten up.  I had visions of The Hulk swinging Loki around (although that’s an exaggeration).  

That got me thinking.  If someone with technique as good as his attacked me, I wouldn’t be able to defend myself.  I would be totally helpless.  I’m going to have to work harder if I want to be able to at least match the “flow.”  I have a long, long way to go.

By the way, I took the exam for 4th kyu a few days ago.  It was nerve-wracking.  We did all the basic techniques in suwari waza and tachi waza.  I know I didn’t give my best performance; I messed up on gyu waza and some of my ukemi.  It’s really annoying how the technique is inside your head and then all that knowledge suddenly disappears just as you’re about to execute it.  Mental block.  The worst thing.  

Still, I’m going to receive my new belt soon.  Hooray! 


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