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In no particular order:

  1. Receiving some impromptu help from my office mates so that I can reach my deadline by Friday
  2. A new friend!
  3. Being fortunate enough to have the means and opportunity to help others in need
  4. Being surprised by free snacks and food
  5. Meeting some very inspiring individuals
  6. This beautiful pack of chocolates on my bed
  7. My dad’s corny jokes
  8. Successfully selling a few items for my tita
  9. A new crush ❤
  10. My brother’s story about getting hit in the face by a bottle of iced tea

I’m starting something new again. I realize that I have been very pessimistic lately, so I’m going to post about what made me smile or whatever I’m thankful for each day. I want to practice gratitude more because it’s something that I often fail to do.

The following things made me smile today (November 25, 2013):

  1. Cute questions that my friend asked me about having a bum stomach
  2. Getting free office supplies
  3. Receiving my cardigan back after I accidentally left it on the jeep I was riding. A guy was nice enough to get down the jeep to return it to me.
  4. A funny tweet by John Mangun (click on the link he gave below):

Yesterday (November 24, 2013):

  1. Two sweet little Korean kids who were so excited to play with their dad in the park
  2. Finally getting my singlet for the Nike We Run 2013 race on December 1, 2013. The design is awesome
  3. The cute and inspiring videos posted by Stuart Edge and GivingBackFilms on Youtube
  4. Having enough time to rest by not joining this week’s race due to my own stupidity (lost my registration and bib number)

Last Saturday (November 23, 2013):

  1. Spending the day with my awesome high school friends to rest, relax and be treated to all-you-can-eat Korean food. The best
  2. The delicious eye candy at Blushing Cupcakes
  3. My friends’ stories about the most obsessive-compulsive people that they know, and deacons who can’t keep their hands to themselves
  4. Receiving a very honest and humbling text from an admirer
  5. The “rainfall acupuncture” water therapy that had me giggling nonstop at Ace Water Spa

It’s a great start to the week. 🙂

Work’s bringing me down as usual and I’m in a bad mood.  I’ve decided to take a day off on my own terms and since I don’t want to ruin the night, I’m going to distract myself by talking about the best day I’ve had in months.

It’s very rare, but sometimes I’ll wake up one morning feeling like, oh, this day is gonna be good.  Well, I didn’t feel it, I knew it.  That’s what happened on Friday.  Someone must have sprinkled magic pixie dust on me while I was asleep (or God must have sensed an oncoming mental breakdown and decided to do some damage control) because everything went the way I wanted it to go.  Everything.

At work, I was assigned angels.  Seriously, my patients were angels.  All of them.  Patient patients.  No complaints at all.  One of them gave me ice cream, and another a big snickers bar.  That was the trend the whole day- people giving me stuff.

On my way home (early, I might add), I literally bumped into my favorite pharmacist, who also happens to be my crush.  I stopped by the church, and the flower lady, an old woman I like to chat with, gave me that bracelet above.

I ended the day with a couple of my closest friends from high school at Moksha, got spill-your-guts-and-secrets drunk, and received a gold whistle keychain to keep me safe (they said it was an effective way of attracting attention if someone tries to mug or attack you).  I also got support only friends can give, some job offers that would let me have a change of career, and a free ride home.  

When you give, people give back without you asking for it.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens.  Good night 🙂


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