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I’m starting something new again. I realize that I have been very pessimistic lately, so I’m going to post about what made me smile or whatever I’m thankful for each day. I want to practice gratitude more because it’s something that I often fail to do.

The following things made me smile today (November 25, 2013):

  1. Cute questions that my friend asked me about having a bum stomach
  2. Getting free office supplies
  3. Receiving my cardigan back after I accidentally left it on the jeep I was riding. A guy was nice enough to get down the jeep to return it to me.
  4. A funny tweet by John Mangun (click on the link he gave below):

Yesterday (November 24, 2013):

  1. Two sweet little Korean kids who were so excited to play with their dad in the park
  2. Finally getting my singlet for the Nike We Run 2013 race on December 1, 2013. The design is awesome
  3. The cute and inspiring videos posted by Stuart Edge and GivingBackFilms on Youtube
  4. Having enough time to rest by not joining this week’s race due to my own stupidity (lost my registration and bib number)

Last Saturday (November 23, 2013):

  1. Spending the day with my awesome high school friends to rest, relax and be treated to all-you-can-eat Korean food. The best
  2. The delicious eye candy at Blushing Cupcakes
  3. My friends’ stories about the most obsessive-compulsive people that they know, and deacons who can’t keep their hands to themselves
  4. Receiving a very honest and humbling text from an admirer
  5. The “rainfall acupuncture” water therapy that had me giggling nonstop at Ace Water Spa

It’s a great start to the week. 🙂

Quite a lot of things have happened since I last talked about my life in general.  That bit that I said about using the stationary bike while watching TV?  I’ve only done that once.  Hah.  So much for exercise!

I think I have a valid reason for not working out, though.  My mom was hospitalized for a “rare endometrial tumor,” which doctors suspect might be malignant.  She went through surgery to have it removed, and thank God that my worst fears stayed as fears and did not become reality.  We finally got the biopsy results and it was benign.  They’re still going to do more tests to be absolutely sure, and I hope everything is going to turn out normal.  

I’m so glad that everything went smoothly.  We all put a lot of prayers and hope into it.  I went for a peek in the OR to check on how things were going, and I saw my mom’s surgeon (who just finished the procedure) about to have breakfast, looking very relaxed, without a sweat on his brow or a hint of stress on his face.  He had a fast-paced approach to recovery.  The IV was removed the morning following the surgery and he advised sitting up and a little ambulation.  On the third post-operative day, my mom looked like she didn’t go through an operation at all (except for the slow shuffling gait due to pain).  We spent 5 days in the hospital.

The whole ordeal made me miss taking care of people.  I don’t consider myself as a nurturing or motherly kind of person at all, but there’s something very calming about caring for someone. I missed helping people up from beds, giving bed baths, and even the simple act of putting on their socks for them.  

Anyway, the day that my mom was discharged from the hospital, I was hired to work under another hospital’s clinical IT team.  I just finished my first week and I already have several projects assigned to me, hooray!  Things are going a little slow but I’ve been told to expect a busy schedule for next week.  I’m really enjoying it so far.  

I love our work environment.  One of my old classmates from college started working on the same day that I did, but in a different department.  His office is just at the opposite end of our hallway.  There’s always a lot of laughter in the hallways; most of the employees seem really happy.  I don’t know if I can say the same for the people on the floors and wards, but I hope I can go around and meet some of the nurses soon.

I am extremely, insanely, sugar-high-I-can-fly happy!  I want to run around the neighborhood laughing and screaming my head off!  Yaaaaaaay!  

I want people to feel the same way that I do right now. XD

Work’s bringing me down as usual and I’m in a bad mood.  I’ve decided to take a day off on my own terms and since I don’t want to ruin the night, I’m going to distract myself by talking about the best day I’ve had in months.

It’s very rare, but sometimes I’ll wake up one morning feeling like, oh, this day is gonna be good.  Well, I didn’t feel it, I knew it.  That’s what happened on Friday.  Someone must have sprinkled magic pixie dust on me while I was asleep (or God must have sensed an oncoming mental breakdown and decided to do some damage control) because everything went the way I wanted it to go.  Everything.

At work, I was assigned angels.  Seriously, my patients were angels.  All of them.  Patient patients.  No complaints at all.  One of them gave me ice cream, and another a big snickers bar.  That was the trend the whole day- people giving me stuff.

On my way home (early, I might add), I literally bumped into my favorite pharmacist, who also happens to be my crush.  I stopped by the church, and the flower lady, an old woman I like to chat with, gave me that bracelet above.

I ended the day with a couple of my closest friends from high school at Moksha, got spill-your-guts-and-secrets drunk, and received a gold whistle keychain to keep me safe (they said it was an effective way of attracting attention if someone tries to mug or attack you).  I also got support only friends can give, some job offers that would let me have a change of career, and a free ride home.  

When you give, people give back without you asking for it.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens.  Good night 🙂

Most everything went the way I wanted it to.  Work was relatively stress-free even if I did have a patient that needed intensive care (he had so many contraptions attached that you could probably make a double or triple braid from all the cords and tubes).  People were relaxed and chatty which is rare given our toxic hospital setting.  That includes our “terror manager.”  She was actually asking us for candy. 

Just as I was about to leave, the guy I like caught up with me and we talked on the way to our respective stops.  I rarely see him because we work in different shifts and areas and it’s pretty much a one-sided thing, but I’m happy anyway.

Also, I learned that the place with the longest name in America is called Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.  I’m officially making it my favorite name in the world.

The best part was my hair.  I had a good hair day aaaaaall throughout.  That only happens once every 2 months or something.  Hah.

I need more days like this.

I wanted it to rain today, hence the reason I’ve been listening to a recording of the sound of rain for the past hour.  Now look, look, look, it’s raining! Pouring! Outside my window. Hi, hello, ‘sup rain! There you are, I’ve been waiting for you. I knew there was a storm coming. I welcome you with open arms. 

I hope it doesn’t stop raining until I fall asleep. I hope it’s still raining when I wake up later. ❤


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