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Quite a lot of things have happened since I last talked about my life in general.  That bit that I said about using the stationary bike while watching TV?  I’ve only done that once.  Hah.  So much for exercise!

I think I have a valid reason for not working out, though.  My mom was hospitalized for a “rare endometrial tumor,” which doctors suspect might be malignant.  She went through surgery to have it removed, and thank God that my worst fears stayed as fears and did not become reality.  We finally got the biopsy results and it was benign.  They’re still going to do more tests to be absolutely sure, and I hope everything is going to turn out normal.  

I’m so glad that everything went smoothly.  We all put a lot of prayers and hope into it.  I went for a peek in the OR to check on how things were going, and I saw my mom’s surgeon (who just finished the procedure) about to have breakfast, looking very relaxed, without a sweat on his brow or a hint of stress on his face.  He had a fast-paced approach to recovery.  The IV was removed the morning following the surgery and he advised sitting up and a little ambulation.  On the third post-operative day, my mom looked like she didn’t go through an operation at all (except for the slow shuffling gait due to pain).  We spent 5 days in the hospital.

The whole ordeal made me miss taking care of people.  I don’t consider myself as a nurturing or motherly kind of person at all, but there’s something very calming about caring for someone. I missed helping people up from beds, giving bed baths, and even the simple act of putting on their socks for them.  

Anyway, the day that my mom was discharged from the hospital, I was hired to work under another hospital’s clinical IT team.  I just finished my first week and I already have several projects assigned to me, hooray!  Things are going a little slow but I’ve been told to expect a busy schedule for next week.  I’m really enjoying it so far.  

I love our work environment.  One of my old classmates from college started working on the same day that I did, but in a different department.  His office is just at the opposite end of our hallway.  There’s always a lot of laughter in the hallways; most of the employees seem really happy.  I don’t know if I can say the same for the people on the floors and wards, but I hope I can go around and meet some of the nurses soon.

Kids are wonderful.  I’m not very good with them, but they are fun to be around as long as they’re in a happy mood.  I had the pleasure of meeting one of my patient’s 1-year old daughter, who was really sweet and possibly too friendly for her own good.  Several times, she took my hand and followed me out the room so she could come do my rounds with me.  You, child, are the easiest thing to kidnap.

The crazy kid also talks gibberish a lot, but I know she’s really telling me something because she says the same things whenever I tell her “I’ll be back.”  We’re having a conversation, I just can’t understand her.  Kind of like the baby twins who have their own language.

Anyway, she watched as I was removing my patient’s IV line.  It was a little painful, and she knew it, and got mad at me for “hurting” her mom.  I let her slap my wrist for that.  Omg.  She’s the cutest.  

All was well and forgiven in the end.  We were low on staff, so I was the one who escorted them to the lobby upon their discharge.  I got a kiss on the cheek and several flying kisses.

If I actually get married and have kids, I hope my kids will be like her.

No! Please! I’m just a little girl! Just a little girl! I’m too young! Aahhhhhh I don’t want to! Ma! Please! I’m too youuuuuuuung

My 5-year old patient, as she’s about to have a sample of her blood taken from her arm

I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours.  I was on night duty and I got home around 3:00pm- a full 8 hours after the time I should have gone home which is supposed to be at around 7:00 or 8:00AM.  I am so tired.  My shift during that night was hell.  Toxic, hectic, one big headache.  And then on the very last hour of my duty, something happens.  Something incredibly, massively stupid, unnecessary and unexpected.

I couldn’t concentrate on the work I had left to do.  I was actually crying in the nurses’ station because everything was going horribly horribly wrong.  All the little things just kept adding up, from non-answering doctors, non-infusing IV lines, blood transfusion problems, less than 40cc of urine output from a kidney patient (that’s roughly 2 tablespoons), freaking needles, and angry co-workers.  If I mentioned them all I’m sure it’ll take up several paragraphs.  No wonder a lot of the other nurses I knew wanted to quit. I got dumped with a garbage bag full of things-that-can-possibly-go-wrong-during-your-shift.  I tried really hard to keep myself from crying but I couldn’t help it.  It was so embarrassing having to cry like that.  Thank God I didn’t do it in front of my patients.

It took me until 10AM to finish everything for the unit, then I had to go down to the ER which took up so much time processing because I literally had to go around the hospital wards looking for forms, which my own and about half of all the units didn’t have.  Freaking forms!  I finished all that, along with filing an incident report.  That had me going back and forth from 1st to 2nd to 5th floor.  So much paperwork.  I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch anymore (who the hell could eat in a condition like that anyway).  It took so long that I actually saw the nurses for the afternoon shift.  Shit.  I never want to have to go through another incident report again, or work on another night shift.

That’s it.  That’s pretty much the latest thing in my life.

Happy holidays! A bit late, but oh well. I’ve been busy with Christmas and family matters, and of course, being unemployed. I am getting sick of explaining myself to relatives (same old yeah-I’m-still-jobless-no-vacancies-in-the-hospitals-yeah-I-know-it’s-so-hard-to-find-a-job-here-yeah-there-are-more-opportunities-abroad-but answer). January has to be better. Honestly, it’s becoming embarrassing whenever someone asks.

And with that thought in mind, I am giving my resume a face lift. I found this article at lifeclever.
Give your résumé a face lift

It might help, it might not, but I thought I’d share it to anyone reading this who might have the same problem as I do.

Oh and more about accidents- I managed to scald my big toe (the right one).

I’ve also had a few revelations about life and love and family and perseverance and myself, like only the holidays can give to you. I guess I will talk about that another day. Happy holidays again, and a good new year for everyone.

white here, gray at the end of the day

white here, gray at the end of the day. bored in my seat.

It’s People’s Day today.  People’s Day is a medical mission that they hold every month at the Heart Center.  I wish I could be a nurse there.  I spent half the day as one of the volunteers.  There weren’t a lot of patients, probably because no one wants to go to the hospital during Christmas season.  Who would want to find out that he might have diabetes just 15 days before Christmas?  You’d want to postpone it until after you’ve finished all the holiday food.  My task is to record their cholesterol results (in which you have to wait three minutes for the machine to read the data from their blood samples), and it gets so tedious that a few times every three minutes, I  keep looking down at everyone’s shoes.

My friend Mia was wearing this beautiful pair of white nursing shoes that don’t make your feet like Ronald Mcdonald’s (which most of the nursing shoes we own do).  Oh and I’ve learned never to wear a pair of shoes full of holes when in a very cold room.

I’ve been walking all day again.  After volunteer work I went to the mall with my friend Bayan.  My feet hurt like hell.  I still love walking though.  I’d walk around forever if I didn’t feel like I would injure myself.  I’d walk all around town and from town to town..


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