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Be warned, I’m going to complain about my life in the paragraphs that will follow.  Please stop reading if this kind of thing upsets you.


I woke up with the flu today. I felt so bad.  I don’t think I was in the right mind to go to work at all.  I wore both my earrings on the same ear (I have two piercings on the left one) and walked around the hospital a few times before noticing.  I probably looked like crap considering how I was also having a bad hair day.

I also did not receive my first salary as it was promised to me.  I know whose fault it is that it happened.  And it most certainly isn’t mine.  They told me I had to wait until the 15th of the next month.  I’m upset because I’m running low on funds, and I don’t want to borrow money or touch my savings.  This means an even more extreme form of budgeting for the next two weeks.

After work I decided to treat myself to Baker’s Fair diced hopia, which I loved as a kid (I was hoping for the comforting nostalgia of my childhood and all that).  It was an unpleasant surprise to find out that the quality of their hopia had plunged (so sue me, cybercrime law enthusiasts). It was nothing like the hopia I used to eat.  The outer covering/crust tasted like pancakes and it was slightly burnt.  Whoever heard of hopia that tasted like pancakes?  I don’t have anything against pancakes but it totally overpowered the mongo filling and made me so, so sad.

Lastly, out of sheer idiocy, I checked my mail before going to bed.  I discovered that I had been called out on a few mistakes that I made on the minutes of one of the meetings that I attended.  It’s really embarrassing.  I feel like a total rookie.

And that’s why I’m still up writing this.  Remind me never to check my email before sleeping.



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