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This is called chami, a noodle dish which is the specialty of my dad’s hometown, Lucena.  It’s made of those yummy fat egg noodles (which I absolutely love), sauteed with pork and/or chicken, shrimp, veggies.  It traditionally tastes sweet and spicy with just the right amount of salt.  Chami is, by far, my favorite kind of pansit.  I could eat it all day, everyday.  

The picture above doesn’t do justice though.  It’s hard to find places that sell chami in Manila, and this one comes from a small food stall beside my workplace.  Not authentic, but good nevertheless!  

There’s also Buddy’s Pizza (oh, you guys should try it there).  Their Timog branch feels like home.  They have the same sunflower chairs and pahiyas motif that they do in the original branch in Lucena.  Although nothing beats traditional home cooked Lucena chami.  Any day.

Right now I’m in an internet shop in Lucena. I spent my new year’s here and I’ll be staying until tomorrow. Or Monday.

Most of my days here have been composed of eating and staying up late catching up with my cousins, waking up late, and then listening to and watching our drunk neighbors play with fireworks. That’s the thing I love about spending New Year’s here in Lucena. Although the fireworks in Manila are generally better visually, (not to mention much much safer), over here you get more freedom (har har har).

I really want to go back to Manila though. Compared to Lucena, it’s a lot warmer over there. I can’t go out of the house without a jacket on (I wear the jacket inside the house too).


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