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I just got home from watching World War Z (do I need to warn you about spoilers? Because there will be some in the next few paragraphs).

For those who have read the book, let me tell you that the film is nothing at all like it. The only similarity they have is that there is that there is a zombie apocalypse. It only focused on a select number of countries– the United States, South Korea, North Korea, Israel, India, and Wales. The protagonist isn’t even in the original story. Almost all of the places and characters that were introduced in each chapter of the book were ignored. To be honest, the name “Brad Pitt War Z” would have been a more fitting name for this movie.

For those who haven’t read the book yet, don’t worry. Just go ahead and enjoy the movie. It’s peppered with a good amount of suspense. My brother got kicked by the girl sitting next to him multiple times (kicking seemed to have been a reflexive reaction to each zombie attack on her part), and I admit to swearing and punching my leg out of surprise.

There is a scene set in Jerusalem where the quaranteed people seemed to be celebrating and chanting praises loudly within the walls around the city. Unsurprisingly, as the noise grows louder, the zombies begin to rise up and climb the walls like a horde of demons being summoned. Eventually they overrun the entire place and people start dying left and right.

That particular scene really made an impression on my mind. What is World War Z trying to say about Israel and religion?

How is it over there?
How lonely is it?
Is it still glowing red at sunset?
Are the birds still singing on the way to the forest?
Can you receive the letter I dared not send?
Can I convey…
the confession I dared not make?
Will time pass and roses fade?
Now it’s time to say goodbye
Like the wind that lingers and then goes,
just like shadows
To promises that never came,
to the love sealed till the end.
To the grass kissing my weary ankles
And to the tiny footsteps following me
It’s time to say goodbye
Now as darkness falls
Will a candle be lit again?
Here I pray…
nobody shall cry…
and for you to know…
how deeply I loved you
The long wait in the middle of a hot summer day
An old path resembling my father’s face
Even the lonesome wild flower shyly turning away
How deeply I loved
How my heart fluttered at hearing faint song
I bless you
Before crossing the black river
With my soul’s last breath
I am beginning to dream…
a bright sunny morning…
again I awake blinded by the light…
and meet you…
standing by me.

Agnes’ Song by Lee Chang-Dong

These are scenes from Poetry (시), a 2010 Korean film directed by Lee Chang-Dong.  I just saw it on channel RED.  It’s beautiful, sad, and haunting.  I highly recommend watching it.

Nice poster art. I just watched it on RED. The music from this movie was pretty good, and I like the message it sends out to the viewer.

I just found out that Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the little boy in Angels in the Outfield.  It was my favorite movie when I was a kid.  Who knows how many times I watched it, I was absolutely obsessed.  My mom had to keep renting the tape from the video shop haha.  

Here are some photos from when I watched The Dark Knight Rises.  We were lucky enough to see the movie at the same time the guys from Justice PH did.  They’re a group of fans who cosplay DC characters.  I love their costumes, especially mini Batman’s.  He’s so adorable.


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