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Santuario del Sto. Cristo Parish

Walking around this church always makes me feel like I’m in different era.

So my brother got the Big Breakfast at McDonald’s yesterday (which wasn’t big at all), and McDonald’s had the funniest design on the styrofoam. I don’t know if they’re trying to be more Asian, but there is a paper chicken instead of a paper crane, a bowl of rice, a gravy boat, and Ronald McDonald slam-dunking some trash into a wastebasket. Endless amusement.

Here are some photos from when I watched The Dark Knight Rises.  We were lucky enough to see the movie at the same time the guys from Justice PH did.  They’re a group of fans who cosplay DC characters.  I love their costumes, especially mini Batman’s.  He’s so adorable.

I love visiting toy stores, especially if I go with someone who is also a child at heart.  The toys on the market these days are on a whole new level compared to what we had before.  We almost stayed until closing time!

1. I’ve always wanted to own a microscope.  My childhood dream was to become a scientist.

2. A B C D… Cookie Monster!  My favorite Sesame Street character.

3. I want to own the complete set of these 4D anatomy puzzles.

4. A mini-lego deer with deer droppings.  I almost died laughing.

5. A mannequin doll that looks and poses like a zombie.  This would be fun to customize.

6. I question why we never had toys like these as a kid.

7. It’s a kiddie chocolate fountain!  I need this in my life.

8. The uncanny valley: scary doll.

A collection of photos taken this month:

  1. The latest additions to our family- six german shepherd pups
  2. The little Baguio artist colony behind St. Luke’s Medical Center
  3. My new and yet-to-be-named cacti/succulents
  4. Bax, our cute and lovable Belgian Malinois
  5. The Yoshinkan Aikido class that I couldn’t join because I was sick
  6. Sunset at one of the piers at Manila Bay

Bye bye March, hello April!

I like the vibe that this pimped up tricycle sends out.  I saw it while walking home and thought it looked interesting.  It has so many fun things going on, like the creepy doll’s head, the black sun and stars sticker, and the bell (it looks like a bell anyway) that’s been painted like a pokeball.  See if you can spot Supermario’s Luigi posing like Superman.

This is a photoset from when I visited the floating bookstore, MV Logos Hope, an improved version of its predecessor, MV Doulos.  It was docked in Manila early this month. 

I remember going aboard when I was a kid- I was in instant book heaven.  I think children would get the most fun out of visiting since they have a pretty large selection of children’s books. 

Most of the books they carry are old publications though, and choices for fiction work are very limited.  Still, you can’t beat the price that MV Logos Hope offers, especially for the cookbooks and coffee table ones.  It was too bad that I forgot to take a photo.

I had a review class near the LRT-2 Santolan station and ate my lunch while watching these guys paint.  I was itching to pick up a paintbrush the whole time.  The pink bear creature reminds me of gloomy bear 😀

A Baby Ben and my brother’s doodle of an insanely happy turtle.  I am fond of both these things

Here’s a photo that I took while riding a tricycle home from work.  Like most of our public transportation, this trike was decorated with stickers.  My favorite is the ubiquitous “barya lang po sa umaga” sticker.  

Looking at this little windshield, I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was that the driver placed the sticker of Jesus in the center, above all the ads and political campaign ones.


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