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A quick sketch that I made on my phone using Freenote.  I am loving the app.  It’s a nice change to use only one finger for drawing, but I wish I had a stylus that worked on a capacitive screen.

I can’t remember why I would draw a mouse this way, but in my mind it’s kind of like a praying mantis (but less deadly and more fervent in prayer).

This is an old sketch I did a few years back of our dog, Yogi, who died last week.  That’s how he looks like when he’s begging for food, and it’s how I always want to remember him- eager eyes and a doggy smile.

Also, if I’ve been posting a lot of my drawings it’s because I recently found the mother lode of all my old art files.  Haha now bear with me and my mediocre skills :p


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If you ask me to choose one word to describe myself, I would choose "weird."

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