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Near a curtained passageway

A picture of Cagbalete’s shoreline taken from a nearby rock island called Bonsai (named for its small cluster of mangroves that look like bonsais).  In the mornings the tide gets so low that you could be walking for a kilometer or so and you’d only be shin or even ankle deep in water. This particular view looks like Moses has just parted the sea.

Mornings are the best time to walk around and see various sea creatures up close.  The island is teeming with life, and there are crabs, different species of starfish, sea cucumbers, barnacles, and a whole bunch of strange seaweed around.


But I am sad. Siiiiiigh. Anyway, it’s summer but the weather is strange. Hot and humid today, cold and rainy tomorrow. Despite that we still have summertime diseases circulating, in addition to viral and bacterial flu. A lot of my batch mates have the flu, and I feel like I’m going to catch it soon. Been sneezing everywhere. Sudden changes in environmental temperature lowers our immune system, so we’re all the more susceptible. Good thing swine flu hasn’t reached the Philippines yet (but if it does, the hospital I’m training in has the facilities to treat and confine it… or so they say hehehe).

Speaking of evil summertime diseases, I think I might have sore eyes. Signs and symptoms are itchiness, weird spasms, and a grainy, sandy feeling in the eyes. No discharges of any kind though, so there’s a chance that it’s not really sore eyes. That’s the last sign I’m waiting for. I dread going through that same experience I had when I was a kid. One morning I couldn’t open my eyes because the discharge was so thick that it pasted my eyelids together. I honestly thought I was going blind!

For now I’ve been applying eye drops for relief. If this progresses I’m going to have to upgrade to antimicrobial eye drops. I can’t wear contact lenses or I might damage and permanently scar the cornea (that is, if I really do have sore eyes). I’ve also been constantly washing my hands and using alcohol and hand sanitizers. Gone into obsessive-compulsive mode because the absolute worst thing that can happen is to have sore eyes and spread it around, and then recover only to get sore eyes all over again! Arghh.

I guess it’s my fault for scratching my eyes. I remember scratching them a lot lately. Lesson learned: never scratch your eyes. Always wash your hands, it’s the number one way of preventing infections, like diarrhea and colds. And sore eyes. Bleargh.



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