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…well, it’s not really a check, but hey, i just received wages for my first job ever! Okay, so it’s not really wages- it’s more like an allowance. And it’s not officially a job- it’s a training program. Still, it’s a program that hopefully will end with me getting employed. I’m happy!

It’s the first thing I’ve earned that didn’t come from ebay and “freelancing.” And by freelancing, I mean looking so pitifully jobless that relatives will offer to pay you to do things that they could have done themselves. Like make an email invitation (yay! Thank you, tita). Their only consolation is that I can do it slightly better than they can. And slight is, well, not much of a difference.

Anyway, things are really looking up this week. I can say that I like most of my fellow trainees, and though my performance hasn’t been my best, I’m getting by, mostly. Hehehe.

Oh, and I got a very nice offer recently. Maybe I’ll talk about it later. I feel like my life just went and jumped onto a trampoline, and right now I’m in the part where I’m hanging in mid-air after that extra boost. Wheee!

So it’s been good for me, an especially good one compared to last week, when I went into a mini-depression and failed a good number of exams. I was feeling a little unloved, what with adjusting to a new environment, and no one on the same wavelength as I am. God just made up for that now.

I went to Megamall today to see a dog show.  It was more of an exhibition of working dogs- bomb sniffing and personal protection, mostly of the breed Belgian Malinois.  Yes, I really have nothing to do.  My dad trains and breeds dogs like those, so yeah, he’s an enthusiast, as most of us are in the family.  This is how they look like:

bax with my dad's feet

bax with my dad's feet

That is our monster of a dog, Bax.  We didn’t have him with us, this is just an old picture.  I didn’t take any today since I was too far, and too disappointed.

It didn’t seem like anyone prepared for the show (the dogs, the trainers, the event organizers, I could go on and on).   My dad’s friends, who were invited as the judges, took over the emceeing since there was no host (c’mon, a show with no host?  Argh).  I am also very sorry to say that the quality of training of those dog was so bad that the audience found it entertaining and I started shoegazing.  6 to 7:30PM.  That is how I found out that one of the dog handlers was wearing slippers in the ring while showing his dog.  That was funny.  Why, oh why did he have to wear slippers?  I wish I was close enough to get a shot!

I was so bored that I was able to finish drawing one of the dogs on my DS:

one of the dogs at the show

one of the dogs at the show

I am quite worried about those dogs.  If dogs with that kind of training are being used for bomb-sniffing in malls, hotels, and other public places (and they probably are), I won’t be surprised if the bombs went off and there would be chunks of debris and maybe, but hopefully not, human parts flying in the air (I can recall an event like that that happened one or two years ago, cause unknown, or being witheld from the public by the government and the mall owner, or something).

I’m just saying, Belgian Malinois are a great breed as working dogs, one of the best even- with the right training, that is.


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