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Passing through a small provincial town by bus

I spy a head sticking out of a dirty canal.


It’s a woman with black hair past her shoulders

And a floral pattern on her blouse.

She’s crouched down in the filth with her arms around herself

Underneath the merciless rays of the noontime sun.


I suddenly think of the recent news

About people dying from heat stroke.


I can’t get her image out of my mind.

What happened to her?

What is she doing there?


I wonder if she’s one of the many taong grasa,

Driven to insanity by hunger or poverty

Or some other unfortunate circumstance.

I asked for a train that travels outside of the city, and here it is.  This is the old PNR Bicol Express train cleaned up and revived.  It looks good.  The train had its first successful run from Tutuban to Naga in May of this year.  See that- the PNR logo is so old school.  I can’t wait for it to become fully operational and start running multiple trips daily.  When they fix the railroads so that they’re safe from derailments even when there’s heavy rain, I’ll ride it back and forth to my dad’s hometown, Lucena.  

I’m making plans to go to Naga because I’ve never been there.  When I go I want to take the train.  Beaches and Bicol.  If I only had weekends free and didn’t work in shifts…  I can dream, can’t I?

I dream of this train’s route to be extended outside of the city. I’d go out of town everyday and be at the beach or at a mountain or anywhere far away in an hour or maybe two. Yeah, I’d love that.


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