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Retro Arcade Table by Surface Tension

This wood constructed coffee table comes packed with a built in computer that can be specified to your liking along with 100 licensed games from Midway, Taito, and Atari. The MAME compatibility allows users to play all of their own retro arcade games as well. The 6mm toughened glass reveals your choice of either a 19 inch or 26 inch LCD monitor, while the high quality joystick is concealed within a hidden drawer. 

Does anyone else feel dizzy after a few minutes of playing Silent Hill Downpour?  For some reason, the game makes me mildly nauseous, and it’s not because of the atmosphere or visual elements in the game environment.  It’s really weird, this is the first time I’ve felt dizzy when playing a game.  I think it might be the way the camera view changes.  Also, it feels likes it’s being done on purpose, especially in the Otherworld.  Weird motion sickness and a headache.  So I went and turned the system off and slept, and I still feel queasy.

Without its cute little legs, I always thought this king crab could pass for a wild geodude if it grew four to five times its original size.

This- while watching a fight scene from old movie with my family.

Me: the background music sounds like the battle music from this RPG game, like FF, but not quite.

Brother: It sounds like music from a generic RPG.

Mom: I know! Castlemania!

LOL.  Castlemania.  I love you mom.



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