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“If you want something bad enough, you can do anything in 30 days.”

I recently watched a video on TED about trying something new, or something that you want to add to your life, for 30 days. Here’s what I got out of it:

  1. Doing something for 30 days increases its success of becoming a habit. 30 days is just enough to add or remove a habit.
  2. Small, sustainable changes are more likely to stick.
  3. It makes your confidence grow.

So I’m going to post something on this blog for 30 consecutive days. And then go on to the next habit.

Watch the video below:

You see them everywhere nowadays, K-9 units, mostly of the breed Belgian Malinois, in malls, hotels, airports, and even hospitals.  We know them as the dogs trained for protection and bomb/drug detection, hired to ensure our safety should the human guards become negligent and fail to stop a bomb or a gun from entering a public place (and by the way they are being negligent, seeing how many people have been gunned down in malls recently).  I’m sure the dogs will do a better job.

 What most people don’t know, however, is that while off-duty, some of these dogs participate in a sport called Mondioring.

Mondioring is a sport that tests the dogs’ capabilities and discipline.   Watch one of the local competitions and you’ll see how dedicated both the dogs and their handlers are.  This year, the Philippines was the first country in Asia to enter the Mondioring World Cup in Switzerland.  Results?  Well, one of the Philippine’s four K-9 units, Baddy, won tenth place and was included in the top ten canine participants in their category II competition.  Hooray for us!  

Unfortunately, the dancing dog that you see in this video, Booger, was injured and couldn’t compete.  Another was disqualified, reason undisclosed.  That put a big dent in the Philippines’ point score (217 points, the lowest out of 12 countries).  Still, not bad for our country’s first Mondioring world cup, with one dog in the top ten.

Possibly the longest one ever. No training on Monday makes that a 5-day vacation. Yay! The bad news is that my evil stomach is acting up again and I’m stuck at home waiting it out. I feel like a bum all over again. The stomach has to get in tiptop shape soon because my cousin’s debut is coming up (read: tomorrow) and I’m part of the 18 shots. Perfect timing, Mr. Stomach. Behave because I have to at least tolerate one shot without vomiting.

Anyway, there was nothing better to do but watch youtube videos, and I found the acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Since I don’t watch MTV or listen to the radio, I didn’t know any of her songs until Julie and Liz used Poker Face in our group presentation. Her music isn’t normally the kind that I would listen to (and it probably never will be), but I’d reconsider if she did more songs like this. This version really took me by surprise. She can sing. Really. I like it better than the original one. I’m playing it right now :-p

Here’s a video of a revised version of Vampire Weekend’s Walcott. Live strings! Compare and contrast with the original one.

And here’s another one from the same performance because I love Ezra Koenig’s eyebrows. That, and M79 is so good I could rave about it for days.

Hooray for long weekends.


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