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Artist Lisa Nilsson constructed various cross sections of the human body using only pieces of rolled paper. Click to zoom in on each picture and be amazed.


Sarah Simblet.

I haven’t posted any shoe photos in awhile, so here’s some of the sneakers that I drew on with a paint marker. They’ve got vertebrae all over. I did these months ago when I had too much time on my hands, and they’re part of the very few productive things that I’ve done as a bum hahaha. Messed up my desk in the process, too. Oh wait, it’s always been messy. 😛

posterior view + early bird

posterior view + early bird

sneaker tongue

sneaker tongue

Inspired by the Dream Anatomy Exhibit and handouts from my zoology and anatomy classes. The half-man, half-bird skeleton is Barry Cleavin’s For the true anatomy – Early Bird.

I’m starting real “hospital duty” on Thursday. Looks like I’ve been assigned to the VIP unit. Waaa.


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